Sunday, September 27, 2015

Week #2, 2015

For this year's FLOW trips, we redesigned the curriculum to make it both more relevant, and less cumbersome.   Teachers from Bath Middle School and Woolwich Central School worked many hours together to create this year's lesson plans, and I was curious to hear how it was going.  The ultimate goal is to create a unit of study that can be repeated from year to year.

I had the opportunity to sit in on the debrief of week #2's teacher chaperones, and I liked what I heard.  The Chewonki staff continues to impress us.  They are skilled, warm, consistent and easy to collaborate with.  The academic focus of this year's trips is writing, and students have an hour to write each day.  The whole group takes time around the fire after dinner to share their writing and offer each other feedback.  There is also a bit of unstructured time as well to read the historical fiction novels that the students have brought along.

Coupled with lessons on "hard skills" like navigation, paddling and rescue, this is an experience that will stay with kids long after they get back to civilization.  I heard from two of the chaperones how excited BMS kids were to get to know WCS kids while on FLOW.  They are already looking forward to being in classes together at Morse High School.  They'll have plenty to reminisce about once they get there next fall!
Photo © Eli Wilson
Photo © Maria Newcomb
Photo © Maria Newcomb

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