Monday, September 14, 2015

And, they're off!

The first FLOW groups of 2015 arrived at Chewonki this morning with tons of positive energy and smiles on their faces.  The sun had come out just minutes before the bus pulled in delivering 29 students to the campus.  Hopefully this was some foreshadowing of the great week to come.

This week's bunch is divided into four groups (7,7,7,8).  One group will be on Oak Island, one on Berry Island, and two groups will be on either end of Castle Island.  The immediate weather forecast looks excellent with dry conditions and comfortable temperatures both day and night.

You won't hear much about the FLOW adventurers this week because a big part of this experience is taking a break from the internet.  You'll have to wait until they return and share their impressions of the trip with you firsthand.

Happy paddling, FLOW-ers!

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