Thursday, September 17, 2015

Week #1, Day 4

Well, I don't suppose anyone going on FLOW this week will complain about the weather!  Today is the fourth day of brilliant sunshine and mild temperatures.  The stars were so clear from downtown Bath last night that I imagine they were especially bright out in the bay, away from the glow of civilization.

Photo © Don Seymour

Today is a travel day.  The base camps that were set up have been dismantled, the boats have been loaded, and as I write this post the students are paddling their way back to Chewonki Neck.  They will camp tonight at the same site they used on Monday.  Tomorrow morning, they'll break camp one last time and paddle around the corner to the Chewonki waterfront where they will clean all the group gear, re-provision spice kits and first aid kits, transfer their personal belongings back into their own bags, share lunch and say goodbye.

Day four is a turning point on any wilderness trip.  The routines that may have seemed strange and awkward at the start of the expedition become the norm by this point.  Cooking, cleaning, paddling, setting up tents, journaling, reading maps -- they are all just part of the way you live while out on the water. This is the moment when groups really start to shine.  So tonight's time around the fire will be special.  Just as the group is hitting its stride,  everyone knows that this will be the last time they will  be together with just each other.

Photo © Don Seymour

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