Monday, October 9, 2017

Kennebec House Week #2

Week #2 of FLOW is back after another round of gorgeous Maine weather. We have just completed our fourth year of  the program --next year will mark half a decade!

Things began on the warm side this week, but cooled off considerably by Friday. The cold front was delivered by a stiff wind out of the north, so on the last day all groups had the chance to experience an "alpine start" to take advantage of favorable tides and calm waters. Groups woke up around 4am, broke camp and ate breakfast in the dark, and were well underway plying the mirror of Hockomock Bay with their loaded canoes before dawn.

The artwork and writing from FLOW already seems inspired, even in its infancy. All pieces will undergo multiple rounds of editing and revision before they are ready for publishing in mid November. Stay tuned for an announcement for our culminating event where all this work will be featured.

Congratulations to everyone for another unforgettable year of FLOW!