Monday, June 16, 2014

Student Packing List for FLOW

Student Packing List

4 pairs of socks (two should be wool or synthetic)
4 changes of underwear
1 set of long underwear tops and bottoms
2 pairs of shorts
2 pairs of pants (please, no jeans)
2 T-shirts
1 long sleeve shirts - wool or synthetic
1 sweater or fleece
1 windbreaker
1 warm jacket
1 winter hat
1 rain jacket and rain pants
1 pair wool or synthetic mittens or gloves
1 pair “camp shoes” (not open toe)
1 pair “wet shoes” (also not open toe-old sneakers work well)
1 sweatshirt/sweatpants OR extr set of long underwear to sleep in
1 brimmed hat for sun protection
1 swimsuit

1 sleeping bag 
1 flashlight or headlamp
1 1- liter waterbottle (can be a repurposed gatorade bottle)
1 small hand towel (or bandana)
1 toiletry kit including toothpaste and toothbrush
1 small backpack or book bag
insect repellent
School Materials (will be provided by teachers).

The days will be generally comfortable, but the nights can be cool.  Below are some suggestions to help you with equipment preparation for the trip.

To keep your sleeping bag dry, put a heavy-duty garbage bag inside a stuff sack or pillow case.  Stuff the sleeping bag in and then squeeze out the extra air.  Twist the garbage bag to seal it.  Tuck the end of the garbage bag into the stuff sack. 
The importance of a sturdy waterproof raincoat and rain pants cannot be overemphasized.  Please do not bring ponchos.
Rugged chinos, cotton/polyester blends or synthetic pants are recommended.  Jeans are difficult to dry and rob the body of heat when they are wet.
Bring sunscreen with an SPF rating of 15 or more.


Here are some good places to find deals on raingear, sleeping bags, etc. --



LL Bean Outlet (Freeport)
Goodwill (Brunswick)
TJ Maxx (Brunswick)

For more information, visit

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